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Welcome to Algo-Statsmy blog on all things statistics.  Here, I shall endeavor to make some sense of all the madness, featuring industry insights from leading experts, authors, and technologists.  Click on a title to expand the corresponding article.

  • Contextualizing Statistics I: Roger L. Berger (October 17, 2018) - It was my great pleasure a few weeks ago to interview statistician Roger Lee Berger, co-author of Statistical Inference, perhaps an indispensable text in statistics higher education.  Roger, a Professor Emeritus of Arizona State University, calls desert Phoenix his home these days.  A link to the recording, as well as an annotated transcript follow. I connected […]
  • A Few Statistics Answers (May 10, 2018) - Earlier this month, I posed some statistics interview questions. Here are possible answers. 1. Stirling’s formula holds that , a result with broad utility in numerical recipes (the gamma function and concentration inequalities) and complexity (the notion of log-linear growth.)  It can follow directly from the central limit theorem.  How? Answer: Suppose are i.i.d. exponential(1).  Then […]
  • One Hundred Statistics Inequalities (April 20, 2018) - Six years ago, I sat in a randomized algorithms class taught by Dick Lipton, and he requested we students assemble a list of concentration inequalities.  Perfectionistically, I scoured textbooks, paper articles, and the internet for every last inequality I could unearth, building a respectable assortment of one hundred results of varying utility and import.  Dick had […]
  • On the Responsibility of Technologists : A Prologue and Primer (April 15, 2018) - A special thank you to S. Kelly Gupta for invaluable suggestions, and to George Polisner and Noam Chomsky for taking the time to read an earlier draft and offer encouraging feedback. A Casting Call for the Conscientious Data Practitioner For some time now, I’ve planned on writing an article about the very serious risks posed […]
  • A Few Fun Statistics Interview Questions (April 3, 2018) - Much of what we do in statistics requires a deeper understanding than running a package in R or python, though those skills can’t hurt.  Testing for statistical literacy can be a bit tricky, as scientists often fall into one of two camps : statistics is solved and thus not sufficiently important to cultivate in skills, […]
  • Welcome to Algo-Stats (March 17, 2018) - Recent events in industry have heralded an avalanche of interest in all things data.  Stakeholders, both public, private, and everything in-between are racing to cash in on the tsunami of freshly collected data, and companies, government agencies, and a litany of others are clamoring and scraping for more expertise in the nascent field of machine […]


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