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Welcome to Algo-Statsmy blog on all things statistics.  Here, I shall endeavor to make some sense of all the madness, featuring industry insights from leading experts, authors, and technologists.  Click on a title to expand the corresponding article.

  • The Rao Centennial (September 10, 2020) - Today, September 10, 2020, marks the one hundredth birthday of a titan of statistics, Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao, or as he is lovingly known, C.R. Celebrated by popular media around the world, this momentous occasion marks the eightieth year of contributions to statistics, and he shows no signs of stopping. His seminal contributions to classical statistics […]
  • Contextualizing Statistics I: Roger L. Berger (October 17, 2018) - It was my great pleasure a few weeks ago to interview statistician Roger Lee Berger, co-author of Statistical Inference, perhaps an indispensable text in statistics higher education.  Roger, a Professor Emeritus of Arizona State University, calls desert Phoenix his home these days.  A link to the recording, as well as an annotated transcript follow. I connected […]
  • A Few Statistics Answers (May 10, 2018) - Earlier this month, I posed some statistics interview questions. Here are possible answers. 1. Stirling’s formula holds that , a result with broad utility in numerical recipes (the gamma function and concentration inequalities) and complexity (the notion of log-linear growth.)  It can follow directly from the central limit theorem.  How? Answer: Suppose are i.i.d. exponential(1).  Then […]
  • One Hundred Statistics Inequalities (April 20, 2018) - Six years ago, I sat in a randomized algorithms class taught by Dick Lipton, and he requested we students assemble a list of concentration inequalities.  Perfectionistically, I scoured textbooks, paper articles, and the internet for every last inequality I could unearth, building a respectable assortment of one hundred results of varying utility and import.  Dick had […]
  • On the Responsibility of Technologists : A Prologue and Primer (April 15, 2018) - A special thank you to S. Kelly Gupta for invaluable suggestions, and to George Polisner and Noam Chomsky for taking the time to read an earlier draft and offer encouraging feedback. A Casting Call for the Conscientious Data Practitioner For some time now, I’ve planned on writing an article about the very serious risks posed […]
  • A Few Fun Statistics Interview Questions (April 3, 2018) - Much of what we do in statistics requires a deeper understanding than running a package in R or python, though those skills can’t hurt.  Testing for statistical literacy can be a bit tricky, as scientists often fall into one of two camps : statistics is solved and thus not sufficiently important to cultivate in skills, […]
  • Welcome to Algo-Stats (March 17, 2018) - Recent events in industry have heralded an avalanche of interest in all things data.  Stakeholders, both public, private, and everything in-between are racing to cash in on the tsunami of freshly collected data, and companies, government agencies, and a litany of others are clamoring and scraping for more expertise in the nascent field of machine […]


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